Best Sportsbooks in the US – LIST 2020

Sports betting has become a popular activity globally thanks to the increased interest in sports. Many people have since identified several sportsbooks where they have created their accounts and proceeded to enjoy some of the games as they make profits from them. The US is one country that sports betting has gained traction and the market remains one of the most coveted because of several reasons. Among the reasons include its large population and more people involved in casino betting. However, the standout reason is that US sports betting was legalized most recently and as it stands, there is a huge market to tap into. 

Best Sportsbooks in the US: Our Top

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General Info About Sports betting in the US: Is it legal or not?

So how did we get here? The US used to bet on sports especially horse racing events in the past. However, sports betting of events such as Soccer, Football, Basketball, and more, was restricted. A 1992 federal law had seen most states prohibited from authorizing sports betting activities. May 2018, however, would see the US Supreme Court striking the ban by allowing state-regulated sports betting in the US. This was seen as a win by many gaming operators and within a year, most online casinos that were already in operation in the US have already incorporated sports betting. Other top global operators have also made their entry into the market and more are expected to make their entries.

As it stands, states like Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Delaware, New Mexico, West Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Indiana, Oregon, and Iowa have legalized sports betting with many others having a bill passed or introduced for discussion. 7 states, however, have not had any of the activity and it remains to be seen if they will legalize sports betting in the near future. They include; Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, and Idaho.

With the already present sportsbooks, few of them have attracted more people. But what is it in a sportsbook? Before joining a platform, I need several aspects to be put right. I am attracted to aspects such as games provided, promotions and bonuses offered, payment methods, and customer support. The following are some of the best sportsbooks in the US that I came across while conducting my reviews;

A Closer Look on the Best Sportsbooks in the US 


FanDuel is one of the top DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) provider in the US and globally as a whole. Players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana can play for real money on the platform. Other players can access the Fantasy section on the platform.

Games offered

On the sportsbook, I came across three major sections that had been offered which included; Fantasy, Sportsbook, and Racebook. I noted that the Fantasy section allowed players to join contests, create their teams from the virtual cash awarded, gain points from their real performances and get prizes. The sports section also included a casino from its affiliate site (Betfair) and a Racebook presented by which is also an affiliate site. On the Racebook, top horse racing events were offered.

The sports section offered 15 different sports to the players. They include;

  • Australian Rules College Football Hockey
  • Baseball Cricket MMA
  • Basketball Darts Motor Racing
  • Boxing Football Soccer
  • College Basketball Golf Tennis

Here, some of the top leagues, challenges, events, tournaments, and competitions I came across included; NFL, MLB, MLS, CFB, NBA, NHL, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, and more. Sizeable markets had all been offered to increase my betting opportunities. 

Standout features

This is an avenue that plays a major role in attracting and retaining players. I always join a platform that offers unique features all to my favor. FanDuel stood out for the Fantasy section it offered which as I would later note, saw many players joining the platform and participating in the contests. Other key features included live betting which allowed me to capitalize on the enhanced odds for high returns. FanDuel was also poised to becoming among the first sportsbook in the US to provide a live streaming feature. Roll on the period, I was welcomed to a FanDuel platform that offered this feature making the experience far much better.

A cash-out option was also provided where I could take charge of my funds by locking the profits already garnered or minimize losses by withdrawing part of my stake before an event finishes. Odds boost was another feature that saw the odds provided increasing all to my favor. 

Products & Services

Payment methods offered included; Visa/MasterCard, FanDuel Prepaid Card, Online Bank Transfer, PayPal, ACH (eCheck), Check, PayNearMe, Cash, and Wire Transfer.

A mobile platform was also available on either site version or app version available to both Android and iOS users. The apps available included Fantasy App and Sports App.

Contacting FanDuel’s 24/7 customer service was easy through the following modes; Live Chat, Email Address, Phone Support, or Mail.


DraftKings is another top DFS provider that has provided a competitive rivalry to FanDuel. Established in 2012, DraftKings has operated in the US, Canada and spread its roots further to the UK. However, the sportsbook play for real money is available to US residents only. Still, in the US, only players from New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania can play for real money.

Games offered

DraftKings welcomed me to two major sections (Fantasy and Sports). The fantasy section, like FanDuel, involved players choosing contests, selecting a team and getting rewards from the team’s real performances. The sports section also incorporated a Casino section that I would try the games if I wished to. 16 different sports were offered which included;

  • Australian Rules Darts Rugby League
  • Baseball Football Rugby Union
  • Basketball Golf Soccer
  • Boxing Hockey Tennis
  • Cricket UFC/MMA
  • Cycling Motor Sports

Among the top leagues and events provided included; NHL, NBA, Challenger-Kobe, MLB, European Tour, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and more.

Standout features

DraftKings also boasted of a myriad of features offered to the players. I had the avenue to bet live on some of the events hosted on the platform. With live events, the odds were in motion and would rise or go down depending on the game dynamic. When on the rise, I would take advantage of the odds and garner huge returns. Odds boost was also offered which is a feature that sees some events or markets having their odds boosted to favor the player’s returns. 

Flash bet was another feature tailored for live tennis, football, and baseball games. The feature was purely available on the app and allowed me to place in-play wagers between points in an event. As soon as the events ended, my payout would be given in a few seconds. ‘Tune in’ was another feature incorporated offering live commentaries on some of the events, music, podcasts, and sports talk to players.

Products & Services

DraftKings offered limited payment methods and this is an area they should address. The following methods were offered; Visa/MasterCard, Check, ACH, PayPal, and Cash

A mobile platform was also provided accessible through phone browsers or an app version that saw three different apps rolled out. They included; Sportsbook app, Daily Fantasy app, and Live app.

DraftKings 24/7 customer support had offered the following methods of contacting them; Email, Contact Form, Mail, and Live Chat. No phone support was offered.


Bet365 is globally known as one of the biggest operators in the world and it was a matter of time till it made its entrance in the US market. Recently Bet365 in partnership with Hard Rock Casino launched its website to New Jersey residents. I extensively went through the new kid on the block and I must say I was impressed with the first impression.

Games offered

Bet365 welcomed me to a platform offering two sections (Sports & Casino). In the sports section, 15 different sports were offered which was impressive considering its latest entry. The sports offered were;

  • Australian Rules Hockey Darts
  • Basketball Soccer Golf
  • Baseball Tennis Motor Sports
  • Boxing/MMA Football Rugby League
  • Cycling Cricket Rugby Union

Some of the top leagues and events I came across included: NBA, NFL, ATP/WTP, MLB, NHL, and more. Several betting options were also provided including; Line betting, prop betting, and future betting. The betting markets provided stood out for the impressive numbers they drew. Soccer, for example, provided more than 170 markets on the top events. Markets such as Full-Time Result, Double Chance, Correct Score, Both Teams to Score, Goals Over/Under, Score Cast, and Goal Scorers were all offered.

Standout features

Bet365 stood out for the live streaming feature it provided. Through the feature, I would watch some of the events live as they happened. With this feature, I would also have a perfect avenue to make my live bets depending on how the game was sailing. Bet365 also offered an Edit Bet feature which allowed me to add, swap, or remove a selection. Additionally, it allowed me to increase my stake or change my bet type. Bet Builder was another feature I came across. The feature allowed me to create a unique bet on Soccer games of up to 6 selections on different markets such as Match Result, Both Teams to Score, Corners, To Qualify, and Players to Score. I would later prize it as a single bet.

Cash-out was also provided and a ‘Betting News’ feature was also incorporated. Betting News feature kept me up to date with the latest in the sporting world. This included US Sports News, Football, Soccer, Golf, Cycling, Boxing, and Aussie Rules news.

Products & Services

I would process transactions (deposit and withdraw) through the following methods; Visa/MasterCard/Maestro, Online Banking, PayPal, Skrill, Bet365 MasterCard, PayNearMe, and Cash.

A mobile platform was also provided and this included a site version and an app version also rolled out. With a sports app, I would access the sports games, deposit funds, take bets and also withdraw my winnings.

Contacting customer service was an easy process with the following methods offered; Live Chat, Email Support, Phone Support, and Mail. The services were available 24/7.

William Hill

William Hill is another top operator that has had its operations in many regulated regions worldwide. The operator has been ranked highly for its products and services tailored to the players. William Hill has also had its operations in the US through a tailored US William Hill version. I noted that on the platform, players from Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Nevada, New Mexico, and The Bahamas were allowed to play for real money.

Games offered

William Hill welcomed me to these 10 different sports;

  • Auto Golf
  • Baseball Hockey
  • Basketball Soccer
  • Boxing Tennis
  • Football UFC/MMA

Contrary to many sportsbooks in this piece, William Hill US did not offer any other category. However, a racebook where some of the top US horse racing events were provided, was available. Top leagues and events on the sportsbook such as NBA, NCAAF, NHL, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League were provided.

Standout features

William Hill did not boast a myriad of features with only two standout features offered. This included a live betting feature and 3 different odds formats offered which increased my convenience. However, this is a section I would like to see more improvements. 

Products & Services

I would deposit and withdraw through the following methods; Visa/MasterCard, ACH, William Hill Prepaid Card. The methods were also limited and improvements are also needed in the section.

A mobile platform was also available in a site version and an app version that was available to all Android and iOS users. The games were offered on the app and many services were accessible including payment transactions and contacting customer support.

I was able to contact customer support through the following modes; Live Chat, Email Support, and Phone Support. The services were available 24/7.


Unibet ranks highly among the top sportsbooks globally. With more than 10 million customers globally and over 100 countries in which they operate, Unibet deserves the accolades. The operator has also been available to the US residents with New Jersey and Pennsylvanian players eligible to play for real money on the platform. 

Games offered

On the New Jersey version, I was welcomed to a platform with two sections (Sports and Casino). In the sports section, 15 different sports were offered with average betting options and markets. The sports included;

  • Football UFC/MMA Darts
  • Basketball Australian Rules Golf
  • Baseball Boxing Motorsports
  • Hockey Cricket Rugby Union
  • Soccer Cycling Tennis

Among the top leagues, events, challenges, competitions, and tournaments I came across included; ITF, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NHL, and NBA.

Standout features

I was impressed with the various features provided by Unibet. The operator, like many others, offered the in-play feature which was laudable. Bet Builder is another feature that was offered and went a long way in providing an avenue where I would create my unique bet. The odds were also presented in three different formats (American, Fractional, and Decimal). This proved convenient to me in the fact that I was more conversant with the Decimal format.

Products & Services

All deposits and withdrawals on the platform would be processed through the following modes; Visa/MasterCard, Online Bank Transfer, PayPal, PayNearMe, Unibet Prepaid Card, and eCheck.

Unibet had also rolled out a mobile platform were through my phone browsers or a tailored app, I would access the games and play. However, on my phone browsers, I would not play any real money game.

For assistance, I would reach the 24/7 customer support team through the following modes; Live Chat, Email Support, and Phone Support.