Betting on NBA: A Comprehensive Guide

The NBA is an abbreviation for the National Basketball Association. This men’s professional league includes a total of thirty teams in North America and Canada. Twenty-nine of them are from America, and one is Canadian. It is considered as the top men’s professional league in the world. The league itself has been around since the distant 1946 and has run from October to April ever since.

Betting on NBA: Top Sportsbooks in the US to Choose From

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Types of NBA bets I can choose from

If you aren’t a rookie, you might not need to read this section, but you never know what new thing you can learn, right? The following bet types are not only valid for NBA betting. They can be used in other sports such as Football, Ice Hockey, or Baseball too. I will tell you more about each type of bet, giving you examples related to the NBA.


If you are used to European terminology, don’t be surprised when you hear “Moneyline.” It is not something new or strictly Basketball related. Moneyline bets or sometimes called “straight-up” bets mean that you pick the match-winner. For example, let’s say you choose to wager on a match between the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers. If the Bulls are most likely to win this match, the odds will look something like this: Chicago Bulls –160; Indiana Pacers +220. If you bet on the “underdog,” you would get a more significant return on your investment. Still, the chances of that team winning are less favorable. Moneylines on NBA games are very popular, especially in betting underdogs. Usually, just like a point spread, the negative values represent the underdog, and the positive ones represent the favorite in the match.

Point Spread 

Spread betting is sometimes also called Line betting, and it is the most popular type of betting in Basketball. Spreads are impressive because they give NBA bettors an alternative to picking one over the other. The underdog is given the advantage and the favorite – the disadvantage. For an NBA game, there will be more than 5 points because Basketball is a high-scoring sport. There is also the possibility of a PUSH. Because of that, sometimes bookies use a half-point unit in the point spread. That automatically eliminates the possibility of a spread. The potential winnings are also higher compared to the Moneyline bet. 


Futures are the most exciting bets, at least for me. They are bets on events that will happen in time. You might think that all bets are made on events that haven’t happened yet, but futures are made months in advance. The options are released before the season starts, and I can bet on these markets up until the event takes place. The best odds are released early on by bookmakers. So, the earlier you make a bet, the better odds you will get before the lines change.


These bets are also called totals. Here punters wager on whether the total points of a game will go over or under a pre-selected point line. For an average NBA match, the point line is between 195 and 220 points. If you bet on “over,” it means you wager that the total points will be higher than the pre-selected point line. If you choose “under,” you bet that the total points will be less than the pre-selected points line. Another possibility that can happen is “Push.” This occurs only when the total points are the exact number as the pre-selected points line. Some bookmakers also offer Alternative Totals allowing their customers to adjust the range to suit their prediction. Although not all bookies have this option.  

Prop Bets

Props are short for propositions. These are wagers on whether an event or a highlight in a match or sport will happen or not happen. They may not have a direct link to the outcome of the game. For example, some props you may see are:

  • Which match will have the Highest Scoring Half?
  • How many blocks will a player have in a particular match?
  • Will the teams be tied at the end of regulation?

The Prop Bets are sometimes considered to be more entertaining than the regular bets because you don’t necessarily have to worry about a team winning or covering a spread.


Parlay betting is fun. I can combine all kinds of bets in a single bet slip. For instance, I can take the totals from one game, the Moneyline from another, and the point spread from a different match. The only downside is that with this kind of bet, it’s “all or nothing,” meaning that if one of your predictions loses, the whole ticket would be a bust. You can even put bets from different sports and for example, add college football or baseball bets to your NBA picks. Most sportsbooks offer up to 10-team parlays. 

Where to bet on the NBA 

There are so many new platforms you can choose to bet on these days. When it comes to NBA betting, you will not be disappointed if you choose any of the following bookies.

Bet365 NBA Betting 

Bet365 is one of my personal favorite bookmakers. And since they are operational in the US for a while now, I can bet on my favorite basketball teams here. I really appreciate the features available at Bet365. I can use any of them to make my betting easier. Some of them are:

  • Cash Out
  • Edit Bet
  • Live-Streaming
  • In-Play
  • Mobile Betting

The feature that drew me to this bookie in the first place is the Mobile Live-Streaming. Not a lot of bookies offer live-streaming and even less provide mobile streaming. When it comes to NBA betting, I have a variety of betting markets to choose from, including:

  • Game Lines (3-Way Betting, 1st Half, 2nd Quarter, etc.)
  • Props (Main, Player, Team, Game, etc.)
  • Futures (To Win Conference, To Win Division, Rookie of the Year, etc.)

The bookie also has one of the best odds on the bookmaking court, both pre-game, and in-play. I doubt that they would be the #1 bookmaker in the world if they offered bad odds on any sport. They sometimes provide enhanced prices for individual events too. I check every day before betting anywhere to see if the game I wish to bet on has enhanced prices at Bet365.

William Hill NBA Betting 

William Hill is another famous worldwide bookmaker. When it comes to the NBA, William Hill offers both bettings on matches and outright betting. In the outright section, I found markets such as:

  • Conference Winner
  • Division Winner
  • Regular Season MVP

There are other markets I can choose from to bet on my favorite matches, including:

  • Money Line
  • Handicap Betting Live
  • Total Points

William Hill also offers NBA Daily Specials. These unique markets are created to keep things interesting. For example, I can bet on “WAS Wizards, MIL Bucks & POR Trail Blazers All to Win” at +350 odds. I check the William Hill website every day, so I don’t miss out on any NBA Specials that might interest me. The bookmaker also offers “Enhanced Odds” that change every day. They offer them on single and multi matches. The Daily Enhanced Odds are always highlighted in yellow, so there is no chance for anyone to miss them. If you enjoy betting on the NBA as much as I do, then go over to the Basketball section and search for a wager with odds that satisfy you.

This bookmaking giant also has the reputation of offering some of the best promotions out there. You can check their website for NBA Promos that you can get. Their welcome bonus is also fabulous. If you sign-up with a special promo code and bet at least $10, you get $30 in free bets. That is a solid welcome offer that I would definitely benefit from if I wasn’t already their customer. Other incredible features you might enjoy at William Hill are:

  • In-Play
  • Mobile Application
  • WH TV (Live-Streaming)
  • WH Radio

 FanDuel NBA Betting 

FanDuel is an American born bookmaker (later acquired by a Scottish betting giant) who except a sportsbook offers to bet on DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports). You can bet with FanDuel both in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There is a variety of NBA betting markets we can choose from. Some of them are:

  • Game Lines
  • First Basket
  • Win Margin
  • Player Performance Doubles
  • To Record a Triple Double
  • Match Total Points Double
  • Line Total Points Double

There are also a lot of Player Props bets you can choose from related to each player’s rebounds, assists, points, or a combination of two or more. There is also the option to bet on the 1st Half, 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, or 4th Quarter markets. The newest and most attractive kind of bet available, at least for me, is the Same Game Parlay. An SGP is a combination of multiple bets related to the same event on one bet slip. If any of the bets loses, the whole bet falls through. For example, you can combine a winning margin, player rebounds, and total points (half-point line) in one bet. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. In-Play betting is also available for NBA games. The odds FanDuel provides are average compared to other bookies. But the good thing is that the odds change every day, so in the future, they might offer better than average odds. 

The Welcome Bonus you can get at FanDuel is lovely. If your first bet loses, you can get up to $500 in the site currency. This is also called a risk-free bet. Compared to other bookies, the sum is very generous. You will receive your bonus within 72 hours. Additional NBA bonuses you can get are:

  • NBA Win Bonus – You get $3 in site credits for every point your team wins by; all you have to do is place a $25+ Moneyline bet)
  • NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance – If your team ends the 3rd quarter leading and then end up losing the game you will get up to $50 in site credit)
  • Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance – If you place a 5+ parlay bet and only 1 fails you can get up to $25 back
  • Keep the Cash – This is a sports trivia bonus. Not accurately NBA related, but there may be some basketball questions too.

DraftKings NBA Betting 

DraftKings is a famous American bookmaker that also provides Daily Fantasy Sports. Just a month after the official release of the DK New Jersey Sportsbook, they had already accepted over one million bets. If you choose DraftKings you have to be in one of these states:

  • West Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • Indiana

When it comes to the NBA and DraftKings, there are multiple betting options we can choose from. For example, you can bet on:

  • Game Lines
  • Halves
  • Quarters
  • Game Parlays
  • Player Props
  • Team Futures
  • Player Futures
  • Game Props
  • NBA Draft
  • Team Props

The diversity of bets is fantastic, and the odds are substantial too. You can also bet in the NBA in-play. There are a few promotions that you will definitely like. They offer Special Daily Odds Boosts as well as Sportsbook Missions, Refer A Friend Offer, Parlay Insurance, and a Deposit Bonus of up to $500. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any specific promotions related to the NBA. But that may change in the future.

NBA Betting Tips 

When betting on NBA matches, it is essential to pay attention to specific details. The main thing that oddsmakers look at when creating the odds for each game are:

  • Past Performances
  • Coaching
  • Injuries
  • Home/Away team
  • Fatigue
  • Momentum

There is also a lot of information on the internet, where you can find things such as:

  • Super Computer Predictions.
  • Past Performances.
  • Offense/Defense stats.
  • Which side are the people backing?
  • Referee Data.
  • Where does the team stand now compared to other teams in the league?

Sometimes all the things above matter. And if you are a true NBA fan, you will have no problem with the statistics, probabilities, and all the other vital data. But sometimes all you have backing you is your instinct. The feeling you get in your gut when you just know that a match will end a certain way. Sometimes that feeling is all you need to make your NBA bet.