Top Casual Games on Steam – LIST 2020

Steam, a Valve Corporation development, is a video game distribution platform that was launched in 2003 to provide an avenue for Valve to automatically update their games. The platform would later expand to include web & mobile-based interfaces for third-party games all to the benefit of the consumer and developer. Currently, Steam covers over 75% market share in the gaming world thanks to its offering of automatic installation and updating of games, in-game voice and chat features, and cloud saving.

With Steam accessible on various mediums including PCs (Windows & Mac), PlayStations, Xbox, and mobile phones, getting the latest game release and having games updated is no longer a hard task. Casual games have also been taking a positive curve in their rise thanks to their convenience. You do not need to be an ardent gamer to play casual games. Contrary to hardcore games, they are not targeted to a specific niche and may incorporate any type of genre and gameplay. They are enjoyable, relaxing and stress-free. Not much memory jogging is required hence making it easy even for children to play.

Top Casual Games on Steam: Our Choices

The following are some of the top casual games on steam;

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley brought a fresh breath to farming games following its impressive console ports. With its PC release in 2016, the game was made available to iOS users last year and currently, the game retails at $7.99 in Google Play Store. The hit closely resembles the Harvest Moon game. You start by making a piece of land usable. You will then plant, harvest and sell your produce to gain a stable income. Slowly you will build up your produce by gaining a steady supply of potatoes, beans, and products including mayonnaise and eggs.

To further supplement your earnings, you can opt to go fishing or forage berries in the forest. However, you should keep tabs of your energy as some work may drain you and this might lead you to collapse. This requires you to watch out the work you do. A town is nearby with friendly people you can bargain with and even offer them gifts to woo them. 

Papers, Please

Developed by Lucas Pope, Papers, Please comes out as a puzzle simulation game. Its Microsoft Windows and OS X release was in 2013, Linux and iOS had its release in 2014 and PlayStation Vita in 2017. The game is developed where you, as a player, takes the role of an immigration officer attached at a border-crossing in the country of Arstotzka. The country has been at political hostilities with the neighbors. The game happens at Gretsin, which is a migration checkpoint between Arstotzka and Kolechia.

Your work will be to review every immigrant that gains entry into the country. You will return the passports and clear those with proper documentation, deny those without proper paperwork and even detain those providing falsified information. You will be awarded a daily salary depending on the number of people you have processed rightly and also get a fine for any mistake you might have done. The salary serves as upkeep to providing shelter, food, and heat for your family. While on the game, you will come across various moral dilemmas including immigrants pleading for access with no paperwork with the knowledge that it will affect your salary.

The game is tailored around immigration policies in a political environment.

Cattle Crashers

Cattle Crashers is developed by The Behemoth and is a 2D video game that features Newgrounds music. Its Xbox 360 version had its release on the 27th August 2008, the PlayStation 3 version was released in 2010 and the Windows version release happening in 2012.

The fictional game is set in a medieval universe where a mystical gem is stolen by a dark wizard and later catches four princesses. The king charges four knights to recover the gem and princesses and also capture the wizard to be charged. On the way, the knights come across various challenges including ocean pirates, thieves, enemy knights, alien invaders, factory workers, and a giant ‘catfish’. The knights are later successful in rescuing the four princesses but the challenge comes when they have to get the wizard. They still manage to defeat the witch and take back the gem and princesses to the king.

BattleBlock Theatre

BattleBlock Theatre is another masterpiece from The Behemoth and this time, the game is tailored to the comedy genre. The game was made available by Microsoft Studios for Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, and Linux. The Xbox release was made in 2013.

The game allows different modes of play. Adventure mode, for example, is the main mode and it allows you to play alone or cooperatively with another player. You can opt to play a normal mode where checkpoints are involved or the insane mode where no checkpoints will be involved. The major disadvantage with the insane mode is that if you ‘die’ you will be forced to restart the level again. Another mode of play is the Arena mode that allows up to four different players on the game. 

The game story begins with a heavy storm shipwrecking S.S Friendship on an abandoned and mysterious island rendering all the crew to vanish. When the player character wakes up he heads to a dilapidated theatre to seek shelter from the storm. On reaching the theatre, he finds out that the missing crew is prisoned there by cats who are letting them out of their cells and forcing them into deadly games. As the crew members fight for their survival, the cats are amused. 

The main objective of the game is to collect gems found after completing the challenge. The gems are to be used to unlock the exit. Balls of golden yarn and other bonus gems will also be available for collection and these are used to unlock weapons.

Other top casual games you can play on steam include;

  • Iron Snout Life Goes On: Done to Death
  • One Finger Death Punch Super Hexagon
  • Slime Rancher Epic Battle Fantasy 4
  • Plants vs. Zombies Hexcells Infinite
  • Game Dev Tycoon Muse Dash
  • Bit Blaster XL Glass Masquerade
  • Gorogoa Kingdom Rush
  • Superflight Deep Space Waifu
  • Fault – Milestone Two Side: Above Subsurface Circular
  • SpaceChem Hidden Folks


The number of games has received a gradual upsurge in the recent past. The easy games are available and so are the challenging games all for your selection. With the games available on popular and convenient mediums, trying out a game after a long day is enough to calm your mind. On your PC or mobile phone, you already have an avenue to download the games and get cracking.